Pleasure Alchemy

A Deck and Guidebook for Self-Expression and Fulfillment


By Maude White

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Engage in deep yet playful, imaginative yet practical explorations of what brings you pleasure—in all its forms—with this empowering, stunningly illustrated deck and guidebook set from cut-paper artist and creator of Resilience Alchemy Maude White.

Pleasure Alchemy offers the simple yet radical idea that by exploring and expanding the ways we facilitate and participate in pleasurable experiences, we can take charge of our own desires and needs. Pleasure Alchemy provides us with a toolset of ideas for rethinking and rearranging our pre-existing notions around what brings us pleasure—in all facets of our lives. This deluxe deck and guidebook form a practical and grounding toolset that aims to bring us back into our bodies, back into an understanding of what pleasure feels like, and back into a mindset of how we can actively seek out and experience what is pleasurable for us. This inspiring, deeply usable set is meant to be used for pleasure, enjoyment, self-reflection, self-expression, and fun.
  • Deluxe set. This set includes 78 beautiful cards (3 X 5 inches) in an interior travel case; a 216-page, full-color, fully illustrated guidebook (4 ¾ X 6 inches); and a keepsake magnetic closure box.
  • Stunning cut paper artwork by celebrated artist Maude White. The entire set is gorgeously illustrated in Maude White's signature cut-paper style against a beautiful spectrum of soothing colors.
  • Immersive guidebook with spreads, exercises, and cards meanings. Within the guidebook, each element of the 82-card system (divided among the Pleasure Seekers, Remedies, and the Elements of Pleasure) is explored with journaling prompts, thoughtful exercise ideas, card spreads to pull, and advice on how to incorprorate the system into the user’s life.
  • Explore pleasure in all its forms. The Pleasure Alchemy system is based on the idea that to truly understand what we find pleasurable—from food to activities to romance—we must be open to curiosity, play, and self-exploration. This set provides a toolkit of ideas to engage in this journey.
  • Pair with Maude White's Resilience Alchemy deck for even more insight. Built to stand on its own as a system, Pleasure Alchemy can bring even more strength and insight when used in combination with the Resilience Alchemy system.

A note on packaging: In order to help honor our planet and reduce waste, we have only shrink wrapped the interior cards, rather than the keepsake box. Please feel confident that your product is not defective or used, but rather represents a step we are taking to protect our collective home. When you open your deck, you will find that the actual cards inside the box are shrink wrapped for protection and to ensure first use by the buyer.


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Dec 5, 2023
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216 pages
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Exploring Pleasure Alchemy Every Day for One Week
Photo of author Maude White. The author wears glasses and holds cards from the Pleasure Alchemy deck. She has a mysterious look on her face.

Maude White

About the Author

Maude White is an award-winning cut paper artist, author, teacher, mindfulness tarot reader, and resilience facilitator. She is the author of Resilience AlchemyBrave Birds, and the Brave Bird journals and boxed notecards, and the illustrator of Leading with Love: Inspiration for Spiritual Activists. Her work has been featured by Orion Magazine, The Artist Magazine, Art House Press, Urban Outfitters, Hi Fructose, Colossal, Trouve, and The Public, among others, and exhibited in national and international galleries (as well as to her 60K Instagram followers). Maude is also the creator of Resilience Alchemy, a system of support, empowerment, and growth through guided card readings.

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