Mandelas Favorite Folktales – Thank You

Thank You

This benefit audiobook was made possible through the generosity of the performers, writers, artists, professionals, and companies who have graciously donated their time, talents, services, and resources. We are grateful to each listener for your support.

Artists for a New South Africa wishes to thank:
Hachette Audio for a remarkably generous partnership.
– The gifted performers and professionals who generously donated their time and talents.
– The many companies and organizations that graciously contributed their expertise and services, including:

Bill Silva Management
Block-Korenbrot Public Relations
Heavy Entertainment
Jensen Communications
Lurssen Mastering
NB Publishers – Tafelberg
The Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund
New Art Miami
Nutmeg Audio Post
Outloud Audio
Out of the Blue Films, Inc.
POP Sound
Radio Hill Recorders
South Africa Partners
Stereotype Design
The Village
W.W. Norton & Company


Executive Producers:
Sharon Gelman, Bradley Silver – Artists for a New South Africa
Anthony Goff, Kim Sayle – Hachette Audio

Producers: Sharon Gelman, Michele McGonigle, Alfre Woodard

Director: Alfre Woodard

Project Coordinators: Stella Santana, Blaire Molitor

Editing and Mixing: Michele McGonigle

Mastering: Gavin Lurssen with Reuben Cohen

Mastered at: Lurssen Mastering

Authors: Jack Cope, Alex D’Angelo, Dr. I.D. du Plessis, Pieter W. Grobbelaar, Jay Heale, Glaudien Kotze, Johanna Morule, Pastor Julius Oelke, Kasiya Makaka Phiri, Diana Pitcher, Marguerite Poland, Minnie Potsma, Linda Rode, Phyllis Savory, Hugh Tracey, Annari van der Merwe, Cicely van Straten, George Weideman

Recorded by: Dan Garcia, Scott Smith, Reuben Cohen, Tim West with Brett Rothfeld, Gabriel Leroux, Mark Kondracki, David Roper, Rob Corti, Tom Perkins

Recorded at: The Village, Radio Hill Recorders, POP Sound, Musicmax, Lurssen Mastering, Outloud Audio, Heavy Entertainment, NewArt Miami, Nutmeg Audio Post

Marketing and Publicity Manager: Megan Fitzpatrick

Creative Director: Susan Daulton

Package Design: Mike Joyce

Cover Illustration: Natalie Hinrichsen

Illustrators: Baba Afrika, Abdul Amien, Neels Britz, Nikolaas de Kat, Jean Fullalove, Lyn Gilbert, Diek Grobler, Piet Grobler, Jo Harvey, Marna Hattingh, Robert Hichens, Natalie Hinrichsen, Tamsin Hinrichsen, Veronique Tadjo, Geoffrey Walton, Judy Woodborne

Session Coordinators: Stella Santana, Jussie Smollett, Michele McGonigle, Lindsay Crook, Blaire Molitor, Gavin Lurrsen

Photography: Jussie Smollett, Ben Ostrower

Videography: Jussie Smollett, Patrick Crook with Aaron Biller, Barbara Rick and Jim Anderson, Jazz Smollett

Mastering of Download-only Tracks: Tommy Harron

PDF Production Coordinator: Amber Fairweather

Legal Counsel: Bradley Silver, Elise Solomon

Assistant to the Director: Kim Dunbar

Documentation Manager: Jussie Smollett

Promotion: Hachette Book Group; Jensen Communications; Block-Korenbrot Public Relations; Artists for a New South Africa; Stephen Rivers; Marlene Saritizky

Folktales Website Production & Design: Marcy Haggag, Matthew McLaughlin

Dialect Coach: Ron Kunene

Special Thanks:
David Young; Maja Thomas; Deirde Baule; Mitchell Kinzer; Tom Maciag; Tony Lutkus; Linda Duggins; Kerneels Breytenbach; Michelle Cooper; Drake McFeely; Felice Mello; Tony Adamoli; Fred Strawser; Bob Burke; Anika Ebrahim, Elmarie Stodart, and Eugene Ashton from Jonathan Ball Publishers; American Federation of Television and Recording Artists and Stefanie Taub; Sibongile Mkhable; Mpaki Pule; Oupa Ngwenya; Mary Tiseo; Marti Wilson-Taylor; Roderick Spencer; Gregory Robinson; Kitsaun King; Tina Morris; Jeff Greenberg; Douglas Clark; Davy Nougarede; Demetrio Bilbatua; Tony Spano; Raquel Bongiovanni; Bill Silva; Ryan Chisholm; Arrica Rose; Ashlee Irish; Ann Kingston; Colin O’Hara; Volney McFarlin; Jessica Hutchinson; Jon Leshay; Gabriel Jacobs; Melanie Parker; Niki Kazakos; Tanya Leal; Millie Chadbon; Shannon Schmitt; Tom Leonardis; Stephanie Davis; Marcel Pariseau; David Reyes; Fred Specktor; Leif Lillehaugen; Andrea Castro; Michelle Craigs; Michael Wilson; Alexandra DuCocq; Troy Warwell; and many, many more.

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Printed by MPS