Golden Mantras

Affirmation Deck and Guidebook

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Apr 25, 2023

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Cultivate your inner power, resilience, and essential magic with Golden Mantras, a stunning deck and guidebook set from creator Destiny Taylor and illustrated by artist Cat Willett

Do you feel clouded by all of the perspectives shared on social media? Are you looking to tap into your own deeper power? Take your spiritual practice off of the internet and invite Golden Mantras into your home. This beautiful collection deck and guidebook set features 52 powerful affirmations—curated with intention. Allow the stunningly illustrated cards and inspiring guidebook to become vessels of inspiration and tools to help you further connect to your higher self and nourish the empress within. 

This set includes:
  • Illustrated mantra cards. 52 illustrated mantra cards, enhanced with gold metallic ink. 
  • Companion guidebook with rituals and sample spreads. A 96-page, illustrated paperback guidebook describes the process of the cards' creation and includes rituals, mantra reflections, example spreads, and ideas for use with tarot and oracle decks. 
  • Magnetic closure travel case. The illustrated magnetic closure travel case folds open to reveal the guidebook on one side, and a secure spot for cards on the other. A sturdy magnet makes this set durable and perfect for taking your spiritual practice on the go. 


Meet The Author: Destiny Taylor

Destiny Taylor a.k.a The Mama Green is a Pisces dreamer from the Midwest, creating in California. After nearly a decade of publishing digital content on Youtube and Instagram, she wanted to offer something tangible that fellow dreamers could invite into their homes—thus her journey as an author began. Her first publication, Golden Mantras, is a beautiful affirmation deck dedicated to Black Women. Through her work, Destiny hopes to help readers feel seen, safe, understood, and empowered in their truth.

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