Mini Magic Bell


By Astrea Taylor

Illustrated by Hallye Webb

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Cleanse your space, summon change, and attune your energy with the Mini Magic Bell.

  • Real metal bell: This enchanting set includes a 3-inch pure brass magic bell imprinted with symbols of the four elements (Water, Air, Fire, Earth).
  • Enliven your altar and enhance your rituals: The bell can be displayed on a witch’s altar or rung to cleanse the energy of their space and power their magic.
  • Includes book: Also included is a 40-page, fully illustrated mini book of rituals and spells using the bell, as well as information about the bell's place in magical history.


On Sale
Sep 5, 2023
Page Count
40 pages
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Astrea Taylor

About the Author

Astrea Taylor is an eclectic pagan witch whose life goals include empowering magical practitioners and encouraging them to use intuition in their craft. Her books include Intuitive Witchcraft, Air Magic, and Modern Witchcraft with the Greek Gods. When she’s not writing, she mentors people about their spiritual paths, teaches workshops, leads rituals, and dances with fire.

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