Desktop Hockey

Get that puck!


By Dwight Evan Young

Illustrated by Marella Albanese

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Trade Paperback


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Bring the excitement and chill of the rink to your desktop with this miniature hockey set that you play with your fingers! 
  • Everything you need to play: Includes hockey "ice rink" mat, 1 mini hockey stick, 1 goal net, 2 goal pads for your fingers, and 1 mini puck
  • Illustrated Mini Book: Includes a 32-page, 2 x 3-inch miniature book with a brief history and rules of the sport, trivia, and more 
  • Unique gift: Perfect for hockey fans of all ages


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Sep 5, 2023
Page Count
48 pages
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Dwight Evan Young

About the Author

Dwight Evan Young is a writer and multimedia artist residing in Philadelphia with his partner (and creative collaborator), musical instruments, and what is possibly too many LEGOs. His work usually falls under the umbrellas of horror, sci-fi, and weird fiction. Aside from prose he dabbles in film, music, scripts, poetry, and a variety of avant-garde projects. You can find Dwight on Instagram (@TheDwilightZone), Twitter (@DwightEvanYoung), or by walking into the woods when the fog is thick and whispering his name backwards.

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