American Ninja Warrior: Warped Wall

With Sound!


By Chip Carter

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So, you think you're an American ninja warrior? Practice your race day skills using your fingers to run up the iconic warped wall from American Ninja Warrior—and don’t forget to hit the buzzer!
  • Specifications: 3½-inch warped wall with buzzer plus sound, inspired by the iconic course obstacle from the show
  • Mini Book Included: 48-page mini book includes a brief history of the show, American Ninja vocabulary, and course obstacles
  • Perfect Gift for Fans: This unique component is a perfect gift for fans of the show and general fitness enthusiasts
  • Officially Licensed: Authentic collectible
Includes button or coin cell batteries. 
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May 2, 2023
Page Count
48 pages
RP Minis

Chip Carter

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Chip Carter’s trek into the written world began with the Obsessed With Star Trek trivia book, followed by Star Trek: The Book of Lists and Star Trek: The Wisdom of Picard. He has written numerous gift books highlighting Star Trek and other entertainment properties, including The Office Book of Lists, an Aquaman movie tie-in, and an upcoming Ultraman book.

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