Both epic and intimate, Shield Maiden is the brilliantly imagined retelling of Beowulf from the perspective of a fierce young woman reclaiming her power.
All her life, Fryda has longed to be a shield maiden, an honor reserved for Geatland’s mightiest warriors. When a childhood accident leaves her tragically injured and unfit for the battlefield, her dreams are dashed—or so she thinks. But a strange, unfathomable power is awakening within her, a power that will soon be put to the test.
For when foreign lords and chieftains descend upon Fryda’s home to celebrate her uncle King Beowulf’s fifty-year reign, she realizes not all their guests come with good intentions. Treachery is afoot, and Fryda must gather her courage to fight for her people…as a queen should—as a shield maiden would—and as only Fryda can.
But as Fryda’s power grows stronger, something ancient hears its call. For buried deep in her gilded lair, a dragon awakens…and Fryda must prove herself once and for all.

What's Inside

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"A rousing and romantic mythological fantasy that boasts a heroine with a generous spirit, an unshakable will and a dragon's fury."—H. M. Long, author of Hall of Smoke
"Casts a superb spell...Shimmering with detail, with a propulsive plot to match."—D. K. Fields, author of the Tales of Fenest series
"Fantastic fun...An entrancing story of power and peril, presenting a side to the sagas we have never seen before."—Ian Green, author of The Gauntlet and the Fist Beneath
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