Peeing and Pooping in Space

A 100% Factual Illustrated History


By Kiona N. Smith

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Explore the irreverent side of space travel—and learn about the marvels of modern engineering—in this hilarious illustrated guide to excrement etiquette in the midst of adventurous endeavors.

Space travel is a pinnacle of human ambition and a marvel of engineering. But someone had to figure out how our brave astronauts would go to the bathroom. And like any scientific endeavor, it took a lot of trial and error.

Explore the little-seen history of the inventions and advancements that allowed astronauts to boldly go where they've never gone before. From pre-flight rituals to the first person to pee on the moon and zero-gravity toilets to farting etiquette, Peeing and Pooping in Space shares everything you never imagined you'd want to know humorously detailed in smart, easily digestible, and illustrated entries.


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May 21, 2024
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112 pages
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Kiona N. Smith

About the Author

Kiona N. Smith has spent the last decade telling cool stories about science on the internet, and now they've written a book. Kiona is a space reporter at Inverse and a freelance archaeology reporter at Ars Technica. Based in Tulsa, Kiona shares an office with a scruffy little dog, a very jumpy gecko, and an ever-growing pile of unfinished knitting projects. Find them online at

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