Fart Dictionary


By Scott A. Sorensen

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The one and only Fart Dictionary is a hilarious, illustrated collection of fart definitions for every occasion, covering a wide range of topics.

Whether it’s politics, poetry, karaoke, Mardi Gras, Food Network, Jane Austen, love, war, ghosts, family, sports, fashion, Shakespeare, or vegetables, there’s a fart in this book for everyone. Examples include “apple fart: a fart that keeps the doctor away,” “boomerang fart: a fart which has somehow returned to haunt you,” and many, many more. So, readers, the next time you fart, or bear witness to one, take note of your surroundings, purpose, or social inconvenience. Label it, as in this unique volume.

Featuring whimsical artwork and all wrapped up in a classy little package, Fart Dictionary is a perfect gag gift and certain to be a hit with anyone who has ever laughed at the sound of breaking wind.

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May 29, 2018
Page Count
160 pages
Running Press

Scott A. Sorensen

About the Author

Scott A. Sorensen is a mechanical engineer who has worked with Fortune 500 companies in the development of amusement park rides at Disneyland. Finally deciding to abandon the amusement park trade, Sorensen moved to Florida and wondered what to do next. Always wanting to write, he decided to pen his great book: the dictionary of farts.

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