"An amazing novel."— Sarah Dessen

Ferris Beach is a place where excitement and magic coexist. Or so Mary Katherine "Katie" Burns, the only child of middle-aged Fred and Cleva Burns, believes. Shy and self-conscious, she daydreams about Ferris Beach, where her beautiful cousin, Angela, leads a romantic, mysterious life.

It is the early 1970s, and when the land across the road from the Burns's historic house is sold to developers, Misty Rhodes—also from Ferris Beach—and her flamboyant parents move into the nearest newly built split-level. In contrast to Katie’s composed, reserved, practical mother, Misty and her mother are everything Katie wants to be: daring, outrageous, fun. The two girls become inseparable, sharing every secret, every dream—until one fateful Fourth of July, when their lives change in a way they could never have imagined.

In this classic McCorkle novel, the author's shrewd grasp of human nature creates characters that resonate with truth and emotion, and a story perfect for mothers and daughters to share and cherish.


What's Inside

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"Beautiful and inspired . . . Rich with interesting characters." I>The Philadelphia Inquirer

"Delightful . . . A novel about family secrets, identity crises, and mother-daughter standoffs." I>Vogue
—The Cincinnati Enquirer
"Ferris Beachis believable. And funny. And heartbreaking. But most of all, it's a joy to read." —The Cincinnati Enquirer
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