Killer Cocktails

Dangerous Drinks Inspired by History’s Most Nefarious Criminals

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By Holly Frey

By Maria Trimarchi

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From the hosts of the criminally popular podcast Criminalia, Holly Frey and Maria Trimarchi, a dangerously delicious cocktail and mocktail book inspired by history’s most notorious (and notoriously overlooked) criminals

Every month, over 200,000 listeners download Criminalia to hear stories of history’s wildest and most devious criminals they never knew existed. But this isn't just any true-crime podcast—more than an engaging history lesson, Criminalia also offers a cocktail recipe to go with each criminal. After all, what pairs better with the story of an identity-shifting murderess who burned her house down to cover up a crime… than a fiery jalapeño cocktail? 
In KILLER COCKTAILS, Criminalia cohosts Holly Frey and Maria Trimarchi offer readers a cornucopia of creative and out-of-the-box cocktail (and mocktail!) recipes, inspired by some of the wildest, weirdest, and most bizarre crimes throughout history. Written with their signature wit and humor, KILLER COCKTAILS gives us dozens of recipes, many of which fans have never seen before, expertly paired with its historical dastardly villain. From brutish bodysnatchers and comely conwomen, to poisonous chemists, nefarious mystics, and even a pirate queen, this book is perfect for anyone who loves a juicy, bloody story and a creative cocktail. History and true crime lovers, cocktail enthusiasts, and anyone looking for the perfect gift for their off-beat friend will find much to savor in this wickedly fun book.
Half true crime and history, half mixology, KILLER COCKTAILS is a double-shot of morbid fun—and is sure to satisfy all your darkest cravings for years to come.


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Oct 15, 2024
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Holly Frey

About the Author

Holly Frey has been hosting history podcasts for more than a decade and is currently the creator and co-host of Criminalia and co-host of Stuff You Missed in History Class. Before that, she worked as a writer of digital content for Cartoon Network, and a copy editor for HowStuffWorks. She’s based in Atlanta, GA.

Maria Trimarchi is best known as a storyteller, a researcher, and a digital pioneer. She began her career during the dot-com boom, at companies including AOL and Gannett, and has since written for media companies like WebMD, Discovery, and HowStuffWorks. Today, she investigates true crime history as the writer and co-host of the Criminalia podcast.

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