Freezer Door Cocktails

75 Cocktails That Are Ready When You Are

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By J.M. Hirsch

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Enjoy readymade cocktails whenever you want with this collection of batch drink recipes made directly in the liquor bottle and stored on your freezer door.

There is a time and a place pulling out shakers and stirrers and strainers and taking time to assemble the perfect cocktail. But sometimes, what you really want is a great drink, served immediately. 

For those times, there are Freezer Door Cocktails—batch cocktails of your favorite drinks that are built directly in the bottle and kept on your freezer door to be ready when you are.

The premise couldn't be simpler: Pour off enough of a standard liquor bottle to create just enough space to add the other ingredients needed to produce a full bottle of your desired cocktail. Store the bottle in the freezer and you have chilled cocktails ready whenever the mood strikes. That means a Negroni in hand before you even have a chance to loosen your tie or take off your heels. 

This fun, creative collection of 75 ready-to-pour beverages will walk readers through making freezer door versions of their favorite cocktails, from Negronis, Margaritas and Manhattans to Cosmopolitans, Espresso Martinis and Gin & Tonics. Organized by primary liquor, Freezer Door Cocktails also covers the science behind the simplicity, including how the freezing point of alcohol changes based on volume of water, juice, and/or sweetener added, as well as how to use this information to craft your own recipes. 


  • "This clever collection will appeal to anyone who wants the convenience of a cocktail in a can without sacrificing flavor."
    Publishers Weekly

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Jul 2, 2024
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J.M. Hirsch

About the Author

J.M. Hirsch is the James Beard Award-winning editorial director of Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street. His previous books include Shake Strain Done and Pour Me Another.

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