If You Laugh, I'm Starting This Book Over


By Chris Harris

Illustrated by Serge Bloch

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Perfect for fans of The Book With No Pictures, The Serious Goose and Press Here, this hilarious interactive picture book is guaranteed to be a major hit at storytime!

Okay, kid… I have a BIG THING that I really want to tell you. But it’s VERY SERIOUS. So please, NO LAUGHING while I read you this book. Because…IF YOU LAUGH, I’M STARTING THIS BOOK OVER!

In this riotous read-aloud from the bestselling author of I'm Just No Good at Rhyming and The Alphabet’s Alphabet, the reader insists that listeners MUST. NOT. LAUGH—but the demand NOT to laugh leads to the absolutely irresistible temptation to do just that! Chock full of silly narrative twists, giggle-worthy character names, and ridiculously goofy illustrations by Serge Bloch, this interactive romp is sure to become a new storytime essential, whether you make it to the end or not!

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  • “The kind of no-holds-barred read-aloud that should tickle younger audiences.”
    Publishers Weekly
  • “The perfect read to liven up the atmosphere and show how fun reading can be. Plus, it allows the older reader to connect with kids in a playful way. But get ready when you pick this one up because it is a wild ride.”

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Sep 27, 2022
Page Count
40 pages

Chris Harris

Chris Harris

About the Author

Chris Harris is a writer and executive producer for How I Met Your Mother and The Great Indoors, and a writer for The Late Show with David Letterman. His pieces have appeared in The New Yorker, Esquire, ESPN, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and on NPR. He was also the author of the anti-travel guide Don’t Go Europe! He lives in Los Angeles.

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