I Do Not Eat Children


By Marcus Cutler

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A smooth-talking monster gets what's coming to him in this funny and slyly subversive picture book for fans of There's a Monster in Your Book and We Don't Eat Our Classmates.

A big orange creature lurks in a crowded playground…but don't worry! He would never eat a child. What do you think he is…a MONSTER? And kids are definitely not disappearing every time you turn a page. You're imagining things. The monster has nothing to hide; in fact, he loves children. And he would never, ever, ever—oops! There goes another kid….
This laugh-out-loud story will keep readers guessing until the end, then send them straight back to the beginning to keep a close eye on the wily monster (and the one kid who knows exactly what he's up to). A great read aloud for bedtime (or anytime!), this silly and subversive picture book delivers poetic justice and giggles galore.

  • "Readers will enjoy flipping back and forth to see which children have vanished as the not-monster denies all involvement in the rapid and reliable disappearances.... Kids will gobble this tale up."
    Kirkus Reviews
  • "Young bibliophiles will enjoy turning every page of Cutler’s silly story as they will be looking to see who, if anyone, survives until the end.... Great fun as a read aloud and for newly independent readers, this tale is sure to bring the giggles."
    School Library Journal
  • "This tale of comeuppance employs page turns to ratchet up tension, and will likely hold listeners rapt during read-alouds.... Cutler tees up and then tickles reader expectations in this deliciously dark tale in which a mischief-maker ultimately gets (ahem, becomes?) its just desserts."
    Shelf Awareness
  • "As in Jon Klassen’s Hat books, there’s no last-minute rescue, but most child readers will find this narrative hilarious rather than horrifying."

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Feb 20, 2024
Page Count
40 pages

Marcus Cutler

About the Author

Marcus Cutler is also the illustrator of You Might Be Special!, The Three Canadian Pigs, and Travel Guide for Monsters Part Deux: A Canadian Adventure, among others. He lives in Ontario, Canada, and he invites you to visit him online at marcuscutler.com.

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