So You Wanna Be A Pop Star?

A Choices Novel


By Zachary Sergi

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An energetic, interactive YA novel about five solo pop artists navigating drama, finding their sound, and discovering what it truly takes to chase their dreams of music stardom after being forced into a pop group together. 

Everly Brooks knows she has what it takes to be the next big singer-songwriter. At least, that's if she could get her onstage presence to stop feeling so wooden and blossom like her rich, moving lyrics. The reality signing competition, SO YOU WANNA BE A POP STAR? is her chance at proving to the world—and herself—that her talent and artistry can mean something more than just live streams and online videos.

Vinny Vecchi thought he was heading toward a life full of makeup, wigs, and werking it on the drag stages of NYC. But a powerful diva voice is a precious thing to waste and, in need of money to make his drag dreams come true, SO YOU WANNA BE A POP STAR? is the next best thing. However, surrounded by competitors with clear brands and sharpened musical identities, he wonders if he can break through while still discovering himself.

When a group performance on the show goes viral overnight, Everly and Vinny find their careers unexpectedly tied together. Along with their competitors—influencer Dea Seo, pop-punk CeCe Winnifred, and heartthrob Stern Green—these five artists are forced to become the newest pop super group: Jeweltones.

You, the reader, get to make choices that will make or break Everly, Vinny, and the group’s meteoric rise in this interactive novel. Will you mend the cracks to help Jeweltones shine bright, or will they burn out under pressure? The choices are yours to make!

  • "Zachary Sergi has reinvented interactive stories with his genre-bending, wildly entertaining Choices novels—and this one is a fabulous whirlwind with high-stakes glitz, glam, and so much juicy drama. A must-read!"
    Jessica Goodman, New York Times bestselling author of They Wish They Were Us, They'll Never Catch Us, and The Counselors
  • “Zachary Sergi’s Choices novels are always a unique joy, and So You Wanna Be a Pop Star? is no exception! Readers will be thrust into the spotlight as they help two wannabe pop stars navigate a thrilling, treacherous industry. You won’t find another book out there like this!”
    Adam Sass, award-winning author of Surrender Your Sons and The 99 Boyfriends of Micah Summers
  • "Like any good pop song, So You Wanna be a Pop Star is equal parts fun and insightful. By allowing readers to choose how the novel progresses, Zachary Sergi has written an innovative and captivating story of pop superstardom that rewards multiple read-throughs."
    Erik J. Brown, author of All That's Left in the World
  • "So You Wanna Be A Pop Star? is pitch-perfect. Determining Everly and Vinny's paths into the spotlight was a thrill, and celebrating Jeweltones' success—or cringing as they fail—had me riding musical highs and lows until the very end. I want an encore!"
    Robbie Couch, author of The Sky Blues
  • "A joyous celebration of music, friendship, and finding your voice. I'm ready to join up with Jeweltones."
    Zoraida Córdova, award-winning author of The Inheritance of Orquídea Divina
  • “Some of the topics realistically presented here are body positivity; health issues; the pressures of male beauty standards; sexism, racism, and homophobia in the fickle music industry; and how social media branding is both essential and severely toxic. Like Sergi’s previous work, Major Detours (2021), the choose-your-own-adventure format allows readers to flavor their experiences as they wish, developing the characters’ relationships and musical tastes and even creating a drag persona. An engaging, interactive story that musically minded readers will especially enjoy!”
    Kirkus Reviews

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Mar 7, 2023
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352 pages
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Zachary Sergi

About the Author

Zachary Sergi is the queer writer of Major Detours and nearly a dozen works of Interactive Fiction, including the Heroes Rise and Versusseries. Zachary was raised in Manhattan, studied Creative Writing at Regis High School and the University of Pennsylvania, and now lives in Los Angeles with his husband, where he also writes for television. Learn more at or by following @zacharysergi (Twitter) or @zacharysergiwriter (Instagram/Facebook).

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