If Someone Says "You Complete Me," RUN!

Whoopi's Big Book of Relationships

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Oct 13, 2015

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From the provocative and hilarious EGOT winner, bestselling author, and host of The View, Whoopi Goldberg, comes the perfect antidote to all those outdated relationship advice books in the world, weighing in on why marriage isn’t for everybody, and how the life you want shouldn’t be the life everyone else expects you to have.

Whoopi Goldberg has been an electrifying, envelope-pushing public figure of many stripes: acclaimed actor, comedienne, singer, songwriter, author, political activist and talk show host. Now, Whoopi will speak openly about why marriage isn’t for everyone, how being alone can be satisfying, and how what’s most important is understanding who you are and what makes you happy. Wise, funny, and conversation-starting, Whoopi’s message is sure to resonate with the millions of people who struggle with relationships every day.

Goldberg says: “I get to hear from a lot of different people about relationships and this got me trying to figure out why the divorce rate is SO high. It occurred to me that as one who has done it badly often, I might have some insight. It’s hard to really know the other person’s agenda, but if someone says ‘you complete me’…RUN!!!”

What's Inside

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Progressive, sensitive, and spot-on....a funny, conversational...and occasionally profane take on modern romance from a legendary humorist.

Publishers Weekly
The advice is so refreshing and seems to be based on Goldberg's desire to be completely honest with wide-eyed lovers who don't know a thing about marriage and are being fed the same bulls-t advice over and over again - only for nearly half of them to fail at the endeavor.—The Root
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