America Border Culture Dreamer

The Young Immigrant Experience from A to Z

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First- and second-generation immigrants to the US from all around the world collaborate with renowned photographer Wendy Ewald to create a stunning, surprising catalog of their experiences from A to Z.

In a unique collaboration with photographer and educator Wendy Ewald, eighteen immigrant teenagers create an alphabet defining their experiences in pictures and words. Wendy helped the teenagers pose for and design the photographs, interviewing them along the way about their own journeys and perspectives.

America Border Culture Dreamer presents Wendy and the students’ poignant and powerful images and definitions along with their personal stories of change, hardship, and hope. Created in a collaboration with Al-Bustan Seeds of Culture, this book casts a new light on the crucial, under-heard voices of teenage immigrants themselves, making a vital contribution to the timely national conversation about immigration in America.

What's Inside

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"A Beautiful Collection Detailing Exquisitely a Foreigner's Geography of their Humanity in Images Jeweled Keenly with Luminous Memories. Necessary. Original. Poetic. Questioning. Respectful. Soulful. Tender. Universal. Vibrant. Winged. Anti-Xenophobic. Youth-driven. Zealous.

Imagine you had to cross a border to protect your family. Would you do it? Here is a book written by those who have had to make that choice, an ABC for progress and peace in a time of regression and division. Here is an opportunity to listen to those most silent and silenced, an opportunity to be inspired by their courage, optimism, and faith in the United States. This is the America I believe in."—Sandra Cisneros, award-winning author of The House on Mango Street
"Emotionally raw, unapologetically frank life stories in the voices of their tellers.... A must-read for middle and high schools."—Booklist (Starred Review)
"Eye-opening...will make the perfect gift for the young artist or activist, or any young teen interested in expanding their horizons."—Shelf Awareness
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