How to Study Magic

A Guide to History, Lore, and Building Your Own Practice

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An insider's guide for beginner mystics, How to Study Magic is your ultimate introduction to the main areas of magic—from witchcraft to grimoires—what it means to practice them, and, most of all, how to get started.

Have you ever wanted to dive into the world of magic, but weren't sure where to begin? You're not alone! Knowing where to start can be mystifying, but it doesn't have to be. In How to Study Magic, author, educator, and seasoned witch Sarah Lyons guides you through an introductory course of study, and an enchanted entry point to the wide world of magical paths.

Drawing on Sarah's own experience practicing and teaching magic for more than a decade, this interactive exploration takes novice witches through basic tools they can use in their studies—from divination and meditation to cleansing and protection—before diving into the history, lore, and modern incarnations of a wide range of magical practices. With chapters on Witchcraft, Chaos Magic, Spellbooks and Grimoires, Gods and Goddesses, and more, this dynamic guide gives readers an insider's perspective on how to craft their own, personalized practice. Each chapter also contains interactive activities, journal prompts, and suggestions for further reading, allowing baby witches to chart their own paths and explore their own power. 

For anyone who knows they want to study magic, but has no idea where to begin, How to Study Magic is the answer you've been waiting for.

What's Inside

Interior Spread of How to Study Magic featuring section on Planetary CorrespondencesInterior Spread of How to Study Magic featuring sections on Synchronicity and Further ReadingInterior Spread of How to Study Magic featuring opener of Chapter 3: Chaos MagicInterior Spread of How to Study Magic featuring first two pages of Chapter 3: Chaos MagicInterior Spread of How to Study Magic featuring Activity: Making a Servitor

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"The smart, neatly designed overview every magic rookie needs." —Susannah Felts, BookPage
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