Read Your Partner Like a Book

Everything You Should Know...But Never Thought to Ask: A Book of Questions for Couples

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Apr 9, 2019

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A fun, interactive book for couples — with questions and prompts that can inspire new insight, communication, a little self-deprecation, and plenty of laughter.

Think you know what makes your partner tick? What makes them laugh uncontrollably? What their secret likes and dislikes are? The things that make them the happiest — or most irritated? This fill-in journal — designed for two — features a mix of irreverent and serious questions that promote open communication and bonding, all with the fun of getting closer (even if you think you know everything about them already!)

A little bit The Book of Questions, with a modern nod to the classic Newlywed Game, it’s designed in a “flip” book format so couples can answer questions, predict what their partner will say, then share and compare. Even if you can’t read your partner’s mind, this is the next best thing!

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