Herbal Remedies for Sleep

How to Use Healing Herbs and Natural Therapies to Ease Stress, Promote Relaxation, and Encourage Healthy Sleep Habits


By Maria Noel Groves

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Ease your stress and finally get a good night’s sleep with the help of this guide to the top herbal remedies and natural methods.

A good night’s sleep is the key to good overall health—both physical and mental—but as many as a third of adults say they don’t get enough of it. The pandemic has led to increased anxiety and stress, making it even more difficult to sleep than it was before. Over-the-counter sleep aids can be habit forming, and many people prefer a more natural approach.

Herbal Remedies for Sleep introduces readers to the top 15 herbs for reducing stress and encouraging a good night’s sleep, along with recipes for using them in homemade formulas. The book includes three classes of herbs: those that have a general calming and relaxing effect; adaptogens, a class of herbs that has grown in popularity for its ability to balance and calm the nervous system; and sedative herbs, for those nights when you just can’t stop tossing and turning and need to go to sleep quickly. Remarkably, many of these herbs can easily be grown in an ordinary backyard, making it simple for people to grow a garden that helps promote a restful night’s sleep.


  • Another superb book from respected herbalist and author Maria Noël Groves ... A must read for anyone who has difficulty getting a good night's sleep.
    Rosemary Gladstar
  • Weaving her surefooted experience with lifestyle choices, herbal supports, practical tips for herbal usage, and a treasure trove of enticing recipes, Maria offers hope and tools for readers to achieve sleep wellness and embrace vitality with a holistic approach. Surely, a transformative read for many!
    Jane Metzger and Amber Meyers, Co-Directors of Herbal Academy
  • A comprehensive treatise on how herbal medicine and natural therapeutics can help us reach deeper levels of restorative healing sleep, so we can attain new heights of health and vitality.
    Sajah Popham, author of Evolutionary Herbalism
  • Finally, a book that helps each individual reader understand the physiology of sleep while discovering their own possible cause of sleep deprivation ... A much-needed herbal companion for anyone wanting to understand the body and successfully work with herbs.
    Mary Colvin RH(AHG), Clinical Herbalist and author of The Herbalist Guide: How to Build and Use Your Own Apothecary
  • Rooted in wisdom and accessible to readers of all levels of interest or knowledge in herbalism ... This expert and easy-reading resource helps its audience understand the best natural remedies for sleep.
    Library Journal

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Apr 2, 2024
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Maria Noel Groves

Maria Noel Groves

About the Author

Maria Noël Groves is the author of Grow Your Own Herbal Remedies and Body into Balance. She is a clinical herbalist and herbal medicine teacher with more than two decades of experience, and a registered professional member of the American Herbalists Guild. She has written for numerous publications including Herbal Academy’s The Herbarium, Taste for Life, Remedies, Herb Quarterly, and Mother Earth News. Her business, Wintergreen Botanicals, is based in New Hampshire.

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