This Valentine-themed follow-up to If I Could Give You Christmas is an adorable celebration of love and the special relationship between parents and children.
If you were my valentine,
I would jump, jump with joy!

Valentine's Day is for cuddles, sweet treats, silly games, and spending time with the ones we hold dear. Join all kinds of animals and their valentines—from rabbits and puffins, to cougars and otters, to a bigger-than-big whale—in this cozy picture book celebration of love.

What's Inside

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Pinks and purples abound in this lushly visual festival of love…. the warmhearted text and rich, page-filling digital paintings build to a greeting-card-like conclusion about the staying power of Valentine’s sentiments.—Publishers Weekly
"This is a book that can be shared with children of all ages. Even the youngest children, including toddlers, will be fascinated by the colorful images and drawn in by the beautiful message."—School Library Journal
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