The Cuckoo


By Leo Carew

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Two fierce armies collide in the finale of the Under the Northern Sky trilogy, a thrilling and savagely visceral epic fantasy from Leo Carew, an author who "will remind readers of George R. R. Martin, David Gemmell, or . . . Joe Abercrombie." (Booklist)

Albion continues to be divided by revolt and bloodshed, as alliances collapse and are made anew.

Driven obsessively for glory, the upstart Bellamus and his exiled queen Aramilla are marshalling resistance and building a powerful army.

Returning to the Hindrunn, Keturah is forced to fend for herself, battling enemies on all sides just when she is most in need of a place of safety.

And all the while, the young Black Lord must deal not only with the aftermath of a great betrayal, but the cold shadow of the Kryptea, threatening to destroy everything he has fought for…

"An action-packed and blood-splatted tour de force . . . . Carew is the real deal." - Kirkus on The Wolf

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  • "Full of dark conspiracies, larger-than-life characters, and tense battles, Leo Carew has created a rousing cross between The Magnificent Seven and Game of Thrones."
    Paul Hoffman on The Wolf
  • "As bleak and brutal as the northern snows, a new voice in epic fantasy"
    Gareth L. Powell on The Wolf
  • "An action-packed and blood-splattered tour de force . . . . Carew is the real deal - an exciting new voice in fantasy."
    Kirkus on The Wolf
  • "Gripping and ambitious . . . twisty in its political maneuverings, gritty in its battle descriptions, and rich with a sense of heroism and glory."
    Publishers Weekly (starred review) on The Wolf
  • "The Wolf is a work of extraordinary imagination and perhaps the most captivating first novel I've ever read."
    Michael Dobbs on The Wolf
  • "Carew's brisk and engaging narrative, with its mixture of gritty violence and political intrigue, will remind readers of George R. R. Martin, David Gemmell, or a less-bleak Joe Abercrombie."
    Booklist on The Wolf
  • "Carew's worldbuilding skills are strong and his ability to infuse even the grittiest battle scene with emotion and drive is impressive."
    RT Book Reviews on The Wolf

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Dec 6, 2022
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Leo Carew

About the Author

Leo Carew is a Cambridge graduate of Biological Anthropology, currently studying medicine. Apart from writing, his real passion is exploration, which led him to spend a year living in a tent in the High Arctic, where he trained and worked as an Arctic guide.

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