From the founding member of Grammy Award-winning country music band Little Big Town, discover the heartwarming true story of a family’s Christmas miracle. Cover includes sparkly Christmas glitter!

All Daisy wants for Christmas is a little brother or sister. Her parents have tried everything to make her dream come true, but nothing is working. So Daisy takes matters into her own hands, praying every day and writing a letter to Santa Claus about her one and only wish.

Daisy’s parents are touched by her strong belief and grateful for her help, but as they explain, sometimes you have to wait. God will give you the perfect gift when the time is right.

In this heartwarming holiday tale, Kimberly Schlapman shares the true story of the Christmas when her family became whole.

What's Inside

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"Schlapman, a foundingmember of the band Little Big Town, writes from the heart....Huff's candy-colored digital images underscore Daisy's sincerity, and a portrait of the real-life sisters adds sweetness to this earnest story."
Publishers Weekly
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