Black Girls Breathing

Heal from Trauma, Combat Chronic Stress, and Find Your Freedom


By Jasmine Marie

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From breathwork practitioner and the founder of black girls breathing®, a practical path for Black women to heal trauma, combat chronic stress, and find freedom in their own bodies and minds.

It's no secret that Black women have been oppressed for centuries and, as a Black woman herself, Jasmine Marie knows the impact that intergenerational trauma and systemic racism have had—and continue to have—on her community. Those experiences are why she founded a breathwork company dedicated to helping Black women access somatic practices and understand the power of the mind‑body connection to undo the trauma the carry.

In Black Girls Breathing, Jasmine Marie shares the science-backed tools and wisdom of her program to help readers:
  • Connect more fully to their bodies.
  • Give themselves permission to rest.
  • Heal the chronic stress they carry in their bodies and nervous systems.
  • Address their emotional pain.
  • Rebuild themselves and their communities.
Ultimately, this book is a long-overdue resource for every Strong Black Woman: The woman ready to break cycles of trauma, heal the internalized beliefs of perfectionism and conditional self‑worth, and listen to the wisdom of her inner voice.


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Dec 17, 2024
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240 pages

Jasmine Marie

About the Author

Jasmine Marie is a speaker, breathwork practitioner, and founder of black girls breathing®, a wellness platform that provides Black women with meditational breathwork classes. An alum of NYU Stern School of Business, Jasmine Marie’s work has been featured in Good Morning America, VOGUEForbesHarpers BazaarMarie ClaireGlamourNylon Mag, Black Enterprise, Oprah Magazine, Well + Good, Wall Street JournalBust Magazine, Goop, MindBodyGreen, Refinery29, Pix11 NY, The Cut, FoxSoul, Cosmopolitan, and PopSugar Fitness, among others. 

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