The Great Book of Denver Sports Lists


By Irv Brown

By Joe Williams

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Sports talk in America has evolved from small-time barroom banter into a major media smorgasbord that runs 24/7 on TV and radio. With hundreds of billions of dollars generated annually by pro and college teams in major markets nationwide, sports fans across the country are more dedicated than ever to their teams. And when it comes to sports talk — especially all-sports radio — it’s all about entertainment, information, prognostication, analysis, rankings, and endless discussion. Prominent sports-media figures in each of the three target cities — Cleveland, Detroit, and Washington, D.C. — engage in this phenomenon with a compilation of sports lists sure to delight as well as stir up debate within these already-buzzing sports communities.

List topics include:

What were the most lopsided trades in local sports history?
Who were the most overrated athletes to play in our town?
What local athlete had the best appearance in TV or film?
What was the most heartbreaking loss in local sports history?
What was the greatest single play in local sports history?
Who are our team’s most hated rivals?
Plus dozens of “guest” lists contributed by famous local sports and entertainment celebrities.

Denver has franchises in each of the major pro sports — the Broncos (NFL), the Avalanche (NHL), the Rockies (MLB), and the Nuggets (NBA). And no one knows Denver sports better than Irv Brown and Joe Williams.


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Oct 14, 2008
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Irv Brown

About the Author

Irv Brown and Joe Williams are the most prominent sports-media figures in Denver, having been together on the air in Colorado for more than twenty-five years. They co-host the prime 3-7pm drive-time show daily on Denver’s top sports-talk radio station, The Fan 950-AM. They both live in the Denver area.

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