The Situation Room

The Inside Story of Presidents in Crisis


By George Stephanopoulos

With Lisa Dickey

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George Stephanopoulos, the legendary political news host and former advisor to President Clinton, recounts the history-making crises from the place where twelve presidents made their highest-pressure decisions: the White House Situation Room. 

No room better defines American power and its role in the world than the White House Situation Room. And yet, none is more shrouded in secrecy and mystery. Created under President Kennedy, the Sit Room has been the epicenter of crisis management for presidents for more than six decades. Time and again, the decisions made within the Sit Room complex affect the lives of every person on this planet. Detailing close calls made and disasters narrowly averted, THE SITUATION ROOM will take readers through dramatic turning points in a dozen presidential administrations, including:

  • Incredible minute-by-minute transcripts from the Sit Room after both Presidents Kennedy and Reagan were shot
  • The shocking moment when Henry Kissinger raised the military alert level to DEFCON III while President Nixon was drunk in the White House residence
  • The extraordinary scene when President Carter asked for help from secret government psychics to rescue American hostages in Iran
  • A vivid retelling of the harrowing hours during the 9/11 attack
  • New details from Obama administration officials leading up to the raid on Osama Bin Laden
  • And a first-ever account of January 6th from the staff inside the Sit Room

THE SITUATION ROOM is the definitive, past-the-security-clearance look at the room where it happened, and the people—the famous and those you've never heard of—who have made history within its walls.

  • “George Stephanopoulos’s amazing book tells the truth.  It puts us in the White House Situation Room with presidents from JFK to Biden. We are there when JFK creates the room after the Bay of Pigs, we are there during the 9/11 strikes, we are there during the chaotic moments after President Reagan is shot, and when President Obama orders the takedown of Osama bin Laden. This book provides answers to questions we’ve had for years.” 
    James Patterson
  • “I know the gold standard of journalism when I see it, and George Stephanopoulos is it.  This new book, The Situation Room, is simply mesmerizing.  It delivers on the dream we all have of going behind the scenes to learn what was being said and done during some of the most dramatic moments in history.  You don’t want to miss this book.  I know I can’t put it down.”
    Patricia Cornwell
  • “There are few more iconic spaces in the American imagination than the Situation Room in the White House—a tiny place where the largest of decisions are made. In this original and lively book, George Stephanopoulos takes us inside the room through years of crisis, enabling us to experience the human drama of life at the highest levels.”
    Jon Meacham
  • "This is a colorful and intimate--but also deeply informative--look at one of the most critical set of rooms in the world. It literally makes real the saying 'if these walls could speak' by combining inside tales with audio transcripts of the most exciting moments in the Situation Room, from John Kennedy to Joe Biden."
    Walter Isaacson
  • "An effective blend of political analysis and personal stories, tied together at the epicenter of crisis management."
  • "Takes the reader on a thrilling tour of this little known but crucial facet of the United States government...a must-read for history and political wonks."
  • “Stephanopoulos takes readers behind the scenes of a legendary White House location in this sprightly history…Presidential history buffs will find much of interest here.”
    Publishers Weekly
  • “This is just full of extraordinary new reporting…Lets us in a room most Americans will never see.”
    Willie Geist, co-anchor MSNBC / Morning Joe
  • “It’s amazing! I hope to see it on the big screen someday. It’s an incredible story, everybody should read it…Go buy it. Go read it!”
    Nicolle Wallace, anchor MSNBC / Deadline Whitehouse
  • “The book is terrific. It is terrific! And I love that you [George] are narrating it.”
    Whoopi Goldberg, co-anchor ABC / The View
  • “Stories from the Situation Room’s colorful history run the gamut from heroic to silly… also tales that sound like they could be something out of a sitcom.”
    New York Post Book Review
  • “What keeps readers engaged in Stephanopoulos’ history isn’t any behind the scenes schematics or technology… it’s the stories Stephanopoulos and Lisa Dickey share of the normally nameless and faceless public servants, the duty officers who have staffed the center since its inception.”
    Associated Press Book Review

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May 14, 2024
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George Stephanopoulos

About the Author

George Stephanopoulos is the host of ABC's This Week with George Stephanopoulos and co-anchor of Good Morning America. Stephanopoulos joined ABC News in 1997 as an analyst for This Week. Prior to joining ABC News, he served in the Clinton administration as the senior advisor to the president for policy and strategy. He is the author of All Too Human, a New York Times bestseller.

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