The Child Who Lived

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Jul 30, 2024

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Inspired by true events, this powerful World War Two novel tells the incredible and inspirational tale of two ordinary people who risk everything to achieve the impossible: bringing new life into a death camp.

As Lore is pushed through the towering gates of Mauthausen concentration camp, she holds little hope of ever leaving. After being caught using her position as a typist for the SS to try and save her Jewish friends, she is now considered an enemy of the state. Lore knows that for those who commit treason, death is usually the only way out.

But soon, when Lore meets political prisoner Wolf, his burning desire for freedom and unshakable faith in justice ignites a flicker of hope deep inside her heart. Together, they commit the ultimate act of resistance against the brutal SS by falling desperately in love. And when Lore falls pregnant, they know they must not only fight to survive, but plan to escape.

After secretly giving birth in her barracks, Lore’s heart shatters as she hands her miracle baby over to Wolf, knowing she is too weak to join them. Through tears and whispered promises to meet again, Wolf steps back into the darkness, and Lore is left questioning if any of them will survive, and if they do, will they ever find each another again?

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