Hey, Jesus, It’s Me

I Have Questions, Comments, and Concerns

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By Ellen Skrmetti

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The creator of the breakout Instagram account, @JustSkrmetti, comedian Ellen Skrmetti shares stories behind her wildly popular “Hey Jesus, It’s Me” sketches of a middle-aged, southern-woman's focus on mamas, menopause, and menus–and on giving the Lord a bit of advice about those unspoken prayer requests.

As a young girl, Ellen Skrmetti loved performing. She starred in plays, sang in the church choir, and even won the chance to represent her town at the Miss Mississippi pageant. But backstage at the pageant, she was gripped by severe stage fright and made a deal with God: If you help me get through this, I will never, ever get onstage again. After successfully hitting the high note in “Adelaide’s Lament” from the musical Guys and Dolls, she packed up her drama clothes for good—or so she thought.
     When the pandemic hit, Ellen longed to bring a little joy to the dark struggles the world was facing. She thought about all of times she’d asked Jesus to walk with her through pain and heartache—and how often He’d laughed with or comforted her, even during her blazing hot flashes. So she decided to share that message with others, in 30-second videos on Instagram that quickly went viral.  
     Holding a remote control in her hand, Ellen "calls" Jesus with comments and questions, including asking Him not to make her an advance maternal age mama (again) and if He could bless the nourishment of her food to someone else’s body. She also asks for advice when her best friend’s ex-husband’s new wife shows up in the next pew, or what nursing home plans to make when she's eight years past your first geriatric pregnancy.
     From a pageant queen with stage fright, to viral videos, to her growing popularity as a stand-up comedian with sold-out performances, Ellen’s humor is rooted in southern charm and culture. Her relatable stories in Hey Jesus, It’s Me will bring levity to our lives, or at least some validation that we’re not the only ones asking if we can ghost our relatives in heaven.


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Sep 17, 2024
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Ellen Skrmetti

About the Author

Ellen Skrmetti got started in comedy after training at the famous and premier school of comedy, Second City. She had just started booking herself at comedy clubs when the 2020 Covid shut down happened. As she reminds us, “dreams don’t have deadlines,” and now a tour company is pursuing her and millions are watching her comedy. After one of her Instagram posts went viral in Spring 2022, others soon followed with millions of views.

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