A Place Called Rainwater


By Dorothy Garlock

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Bestselling author Dorothy Garlock delivers a moving, nostalgic tale of Americana set in Oklahoma in the late twenties.

The small town of Rainwater, Oklahoma, has become a notorious
boomtown now that a gusher has flooded its streets with drillers, welders, and roustabouts of every description. Jill, a spunky and hardworking young woman who runs the hotel for her aunt, is unprepared to cope with the attention she receives from the woman-hungry men. Despite her attempts to thwart their advances, she finds herself cornered by a group of men on the street one afternoon when Thad Taylor, a young neighbor, comes to her rescue. Believing Jill to be a “street flapper,” Thad makes it his duty to curb her wild ways. Jill wants nothing to do with Thad-until a woman is murdered in town. Now, Jill’s finally accepted Thad’s protection… but is she willing to accept more?


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Nov 16, 2008
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416 pages

Dorothy Garlock

About the Author

Dorothy Garlock is the author of more than 50 novels that have sold 15 million+ combined copies and are published in 15 languages. She lives in Iowa.

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