The epic story of a young street artist, a military general, and a warrior fighting for the fate of the universe comes to its thrilling conclusion in the final book of this fantasy trilogy.
The Divide separating the east from the west, the realms of death from the realms of life, has fallen.
Sarine and her champions find themselves overwhelmed, assaulted on every side by swordsmen, assassins, and skinchangers infiltrating, killing, and twisting even their most loyal allies against them. Every victory hides a defeat, and yet there is still hope.
If Sarine can learn the true nature of her powers, she can make a final stand against the Regnant, to challenge him and remove his death grip on the world's heart. To find the truth, she must journey to a new continent and find new allies, rallying their strength, and wielding every strain of magic in the world in a final battle between life and death.
Read the final book in this sweeping epic fantasy, perfect for readers of Brandon Sanderson, Brian McClellan, and Miles Cameron.
The Ascension Cycle
Soul of the World
Blood of the Gods
Chains of the Earth

What's Inside

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"If epic fantasy is your thing, Soul of the World is definitely worth a look!" —James Islington on Soul of the World
"The first book in The Ascension Cycle is an impressive fantasy debut with three main compelling characters and a unique magic system sure to capture a fantasy reader's attention . . . . Mealing does a fabulous job with the intricate world-building and leaves the reader wanting to get their hands on the sequel." —RT Book Reviews on Soul of the World
"Imaginative and elaborate epic fantasy debut . . . Strong characters and rich worldbuilding." —Publishers Weekly on Soul of the World
"A story of magic, ambition, greed, betrayal, and war." —Booklist on Soul of the World
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