The Naughty Nineties

The Decade that Unleashed Sex, Lies, and the World Wide Web


By David Friend

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Featuring a new foreword by Molly Jong-Fast, THE NAUGHTY NINETIES is a sexual history of the 1990s when the tabloids, the tawdry, and the titillating took over Washington, Hollywood, and Madison Avenue.

THE NAUGHTY NINETIES examines the scandal-ridden decade when our public and private lives began to blur due to the rise of the web, reality television, and the wholesale tabloidization of pop culture. David Friend offers an unfiltered look into the captains of the culture wars and an indispensable roadmap for understanding the path that led us to the Trump era.

With keen wit and meticulous reporting, David Friend shares firsthand accounts from the unforgettable personalities who shaped the decade, from Anita Hill to Monica Lewinsky, Demi Moore to Madonna—not to mention Lorena Bobbitt and Heidi Fleiss. He also uncovers new revelations about the accidental discovery of Viagra, how porn brought America online, and the escapades of Bill and Hillary ClintonMichael Douglas and Sharon StonePamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, and everything not sacred and definitely profane about this libidinous decade.

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Jun 11, 2024
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David Friend

About the Author

David Friend, an editor at Vanity Fair, is the author of Watching the World Change: The Stories Behind the Images of 9/11. The former director of photography of Life, he is also a journalist, curator, and documentary producer of such films as 9/11 (for which Friend won an Emmy), MLK/FBI (which was shortlisted for an Oscar), and Lakota Nation Vs. United States.

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