Sunrise Ranch

A Daisies in the Canyon Novella

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Jul 7, 2020

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Three sisters face their biggest challenge yet in this heartwarming story of family and forgiveness by the New York Times bestselling author of Daisies in the Canyon.

Bonnie Malloy never really knew the meaning of home. She and her mom moved around so much when she was young that she was never able put down roots, and she got to the point where she never wanted to. But now she has a chance to run her very own Texas ranch, and she just discovered two half-sisters she never knew about. The three women couldn’t be more different, but Abby Joy and Shiloh have shown Bonnie how it feels to truly be part of a family.

The only catch is that to inherit the ranch, Bonnie must stay there for a whole year. Worse yet, she has to live with cowboy Rusty Dawson-and he thinks the property is rightfully his. Each becomes determined to drive the other out . . . until they realize just how much they enjoy being together. But is the woman known for going wherever the wind takes her really ready to settle down once and for all?

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