An adventure journalist’s memoir of a decade-long, round-the-world quest to overcome his drug addiction and to understand and heal from past traumas.

Into the Soul of the World is the memoir of an adventure journalist who suffered from trauma, PTSD and hit rock bottom in his life and career, as well as the life‑threatening consequences of his psychiatrist overprescribing medication. In this engaging and impactful narrative, adventure journalist Brad Wetzler mixes travelogue with empowering insights about his inner journey to better care for his own mental health. Wetzler’s quest takes him across Israel and Palestine, as well as to India, to a candle-lit cave on a mountaintop in the Himalayan foothills, for a life-changing encounter with a 100-year-old yogi.  Wetzler's writing is full of the poignant, amusing, and occasionally heart‑breaking situations that unfold when we finally decide to confront depression (or any mental health struggle) and declare ourselves ready to heal: What does it mean to live a good life? How do we–as men and as humans–heal our past and live our best life?  How can we be of service to others?  As Wetzler explains of his quest for enlightenment: “No, not the sustained blissed out-now-and-forever type of enlightenment. I no longer believe in that BS. Today, I think about enlightenment as a process: of living to tell the story, and trying to be the best human you can be.”

What's Inside

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