Where's My Easter Basket?


By Bob Holt

Illustrated by Bob Holt

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Join the silliest Easter quest with this board book about a bluebird who learns to think inside the basket.

In Where's My Easter Basket? a little bluebird is looking for an Easter basket, but no one has seen one. As he searches, he encounters a fluffy yellow chick, some sweet little jellybeans, colorful painted eggs, and an empty basket. The sweet little quest concludes when the bluebird's new friends cooperate to satisfy the search. Combining exuberant art, sweet characters, and a fresh crop of silliness, Bob Holt's Where's My Easter Basket? is just the board book you've been hunting for. 

  • Searching for an Easter basket, a wide-eyed blue chick meets up with a bevy of friends in Holt’s dialogue-driven board book. Unclear about what the holiday mainstay looks like, the clueless youth questions four colorful candies: “Are any of you an Easter basket?” The candies reply with a cheerful “we’re chewy, juicy, sweet jelly beans!”—before offering to join the search party, which later sees the addition of a chocolate bunny and a colorful dyed egg. Via candy-colored, video game–like digital graphics, the brief journey sees the chick and friends flying, walking, and zooming across spring-tinged scenes until the joyful group encounters a new companion whose help results in a bubbly conclusion—and the hoped-for holiday hold-all. Ages 1–4. (Jan.)
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Jan 25, 2022
Page Count
20 pages

Bob Holt

About the Illustrator

Bob Holt has been drawing bugs, bunnies, turtles—anything that crawls, really—since childhood, and he's grateful that his passion has turned into a paying career. Bob is the co-creator of hoops&yoyo™, a pair of animated characters featured on Hallmark cards and two holiday TV specials. He also draws a series of cartoons entitled "Sweet and Sour Pork," which are published on GoComics.com. Bob has two daughters, two cats, one wife, and a mortgage that never wants to move away. He lives in Kansas City, Missouri.

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