The Swarm

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By Andy Marino

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From the bizarre and audacious imagination of horror author Andy Marino comes a harrowing tale of the insect that will herald the apocalypse…

It begins with cicadas. It will end with the swarm. 

When millions of insects appear unexpectedly, off the rhythm of their 17-year cycle, Detective Vicky Paterson is investigating a bizarre killing in her sleepy hometown. At the same time, a pair of hired guns work to free their client’s daughter from a shadowy cult.

As these events intertwine, things begin to spiral out of control. When Vicky’s young daughter, Sadie, is attacked by the insects, it’s clear that the once-harmless creatures have invaded with a malevolent purpose.

But this is only the first wave. Soon, the infestation is impossible to contain.

As the world desperately works to unravel the mysteries of the swarm, and humanity rests on the knife’s edge of extinction, Vicky and a group of strangers will fight to uncover the shocking origins of the attack—and the terrible purpose behind it.

This panoramic novel of insect apocalypse reaches back into the darkest recesses of the twentieth century and unleashes its horrors on our modern, interconnected world.  


  • “Andy Marino understands horror in a way that very few writers do, and in The Swarm, his most visceral and ambitious book, you’re along for the ride. I read this and now I never want to go outside again.”
    Keith Rosson, author of Fever House
  • "Relentless, brutal, and brilliant! Andy Marino's The Swarm reads like an apocalyptic tour de force, a Michael Crichtonesque fever dream that goes all the way with its terrifying premise. A five-star read."
    Craig DiLouie, author of How to Make a Horror Movie and Survive
  • "Marino has a good eye for genuinely disturbing imagery. This novel hums with a terrifying momentum."
    Kirkus on It Rides a Pale Horse
  • "Marino draws readers in quickly, creating sympathy for the characters, unveiling the necessary details to immerse them in a world of art, siblings, deadly intrigue, and a centuries-long nefarious quest. Dread is present from the start, but it quickly escalates into a disorienting cosmic terror that touches everyone. Booktalk it to readers as The Twisted Ones, by T. Kingfisher meets Slade House, by David Mitchell with a touch of Lovecraft Country, by Matt Ruff."
    Booklist on It Rides a Pale Horse
  • "A visceral, disturbing story about the power of art and ritual."
    Paste Magazine on It Rides a Pale Horse
  • It Rides a Pale Horse is a bizarre thrill ride from beginning to end. Captivatingly surreal.”
    San Francisco Book Review on It Rides a Pale Horse
  • "Marino offers horrors both existential and visceral. From a stunning opening, the sense of dread just builds and builds."
    M.R. Carey on The Seven Visitations of Sydney Burgess
  • "Odd and dark and fascinating . . . Not quite like anything I've ever read before. A strange, compelling, late-night page-turner. It kept me reading way past my bedtime."
    T. Kingfisher on The Seven Visitations of Sydney Burgess
  • "Andy Marino’s The Seven Visitations of Sydney Burgess is a gripping portrait of addiction and an innovative take on demonic possession, delivering a shocking ending and powerful themes of how love heals but can also be corrupted."
    Craig DiLouie on The Seven Visitations of Sydney Burgess

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Nov 5, 2024
Page Count
592 pages

Andy Marino

Andy Marino

About the Author

Andy Marino was born in upstate New York, spent half his life in New York City, and now lives in the Hudson Valley. He works as a freelance writer. 

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