From the author of The Bone Shard Daughter, “one of the best debut fantasy novels of the year” (BuzzFeed News), comes the final book in the unmissable, action-packed, magic-laced Drowning Empire trilogy.

Lin Sukai has won her first victory as Emperor, but the future of the Phoenix Empire hangs in the balance – and Lin is dangerously short of allies.

Yet hopes lies in history. Legend tells of seven mythic swords, forged in centuries past. If Lin can find them before her enemies do, she may yet be able to turn the tide. If she fails, the Sukai dynasty – and the entire empire – will fall.  

Praise for the Drowning Empire trilogy: 

"A grand, ingenious, and sweeping tale of power, magic, and heart."  –Tasha Suri, author of The Jasmine Throne 

"Epic fantasy at its most human and heartfelt. Inventive, adventurous, and wonderfully written."  –Alix E. Harrow, author of The Ten Thousand Doors of January 

The Drowning Empire
The Bone Shard Daughter
The Bone Shard Emperor
The Bone Shard War


What's Inside

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Praise for The Drowning Empire: 

"The Bone Shard Daughter is one of the best fantasy novels I've read in a long time. With stunningly intricate world-building that leaps off the page and characters who are so vibrant that you wish they were real, it grabs you by the heart and the throat from the first pages and doesn't let go until long after it's over. This book is truly special." —Sarah J. Maas, New York Times bestselling author 

"The Bone Shard Daughter is epic fantasy at its most human and heartfelt, concerned with the real lives caught in the gears of empire and rebellion. Inventive, adventurous, and wonderfully written." —Alix E. Harrow, author of The Ten Thousand Doors of January

"A fascinating world with characters who have deep foundations, and who will quickly capture readers' hearts...Stewart's debut is sharp and compelling. It will hook readers in and make them fiercely anticipate the rest of the series." —Booklist on The Bone Shard Daughter

"There's a bold, ambitious imagination at work here—and this is a world you'll want to linger in." —M. R. Carey, author of The Girl with All the Gifts, on The Bone Shard Daughter

"The Bone Shard Daughter begins with a spark of intrigue that ignites into a thrilling adventure you cannot miss-with a unique (and painful!) magic system to boot." —Hafsah Faizal, New York Times bestselling author of We Hunt the Flame

"The twisting turns of political negotiations, the desperation of each character to do what’s right, and the carefully written world building come together to power this compelling and suspenseful fantasy...Stewart’s elegant planning and unspooling revelations will keep readers hooked from the first page, and fans will be impatient for the next and final volume in the trilogy." —Booklist on The Bone Shard Emperor
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