Trash Animals Oracle

Inspiration and Guidance from Chaotic Creatures


By Alexander Schneider

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Creatures from trash cans and dumpsters near and far come together to help you take a garbage day and find positivity, opportunities, and maybe a tasty snack in this humorous illustrated oracle deck and guidebook set!
  • Wonderfully Illustrated: Each of the 50 cards in this oracle deck is illustrated with playful original artwork that brings each trash creature to life. Let the trash panda (raccoon) help you get in touch with your mischievous side, live fast and carefree with the trash cat (possum), be more self-reliant like a skunk, or marvel the everyday mystery of the local dumpster. These and many more trashy oracles are just a pull away in this one-of-a-kind set that celebrates these quirky creatures 
  • Deluxe Set: This set includes 50 full-color illustrated cards (3 x 5 inches); a 96-page, full-color illustrated paperback book (3 x 5 inches); and a keepsake magnetic closure box
  • Fully Illustrated Oracle Guidebook: This set includes a full-color illustrated companion book to the card deck, providing context for each oracle and a dose of inspiration
  • Perfect Gift: This humorous, eye-catching oracle deck and book set is an ideal gift for animal lovers

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Apr 2, 2024
Page Count
96 pages
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Photo of author Alexander Schneider. The author is standing in a clearing among trees, wearing a casual three-piece suit with a boutonnière.

Alexander Schneider

About the Author

Alex Schneider (he/they) is a designer and bookstore owner living outside Philadelphia with his wife and two rescue dogs. When he isn’t reading or looking at memes he’s contemplating his innumerable high school mishaps. 

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