2023 Edgar Award Nominee for Best Novel and a New York Times Best Crime Novel of 2022 

From the acclaimed author of The Town, a "masterly" epic thriller about the secret right‑hand man of one of the most infamous unprosecuted mob bosses in American history (New York Times Book Review).

In the late 1970s, The Outfit has the entire city of Chicago in its hands. Tony Accardo is its fearless leader. Nicky Passero is his loyal soldier, though no one knows he has a direct line in to the boss of bosses. When the Christmas gift Accardo got for his wife, an inscribed bracelet with gold and diamond inlay, is stolen along with other items in a jewelry heist, Nicky is charged with tracking down and returning all of the items—by whatever means necessary.

Forced into an impossible situation, Nicky must find a way to carry out Accardo's increasingly unhinged instructions and survive the battle for control of Chicago. What Accardo doesn't know: Nicky has a secret which has made his life impossible and has put him in the pocket of the FBI.

Based on the true story of Tony Accardo, the longest‑reigning mob capo in history, Gangland is a Shakespearean-esque drama of integrity, lost honor, and revenge. Gritty and action‑packed, it is the ultimate gangster tale and Chuck Hogan's most thrilling novel yet.

What's Inside

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"Hogan creates a masterly portrait of men in turmoil, of allegiances forged and broken, and of loyalty tested... GANGLAND is also, like the best mob books and movies, an exploration of masculinity at its most toxic and pernicious." —New York Times Book Review
"Colorful, engaging, and bloody; a richly satisfying crime story and character study." —Kirkus Reviews
"A terrific read...A rich narrative of friendship, young love, and mounting suspense."  —Stephen King
"Smart, speedy, and stylish." —Jeffery Deaver
"As knowledgeable as James Ellroy, as sharp as Elmore Leonard, and as profound as fellow Boston scribe Dennis Lehane." —Fort Worth Star-Telegram
"A riveting, splendidly detailed thriller." —St. Louis Post-Dispatch
"Stunningly crafted...The swift and expertly built, the prose muscular and clean." —The Seattle Times
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